Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESWEDO?

ESWEDO is an online platform to Shop and Book products and services. It is a one stop shop for all your household needs.

What does ESWEDO provide?

ESWEDO provides quality goods and services from local Sellers & Service Providers.


ESWEDO operates solely based in Quality - Quality Products, Quality Services, Quality in Time to meet Delivery expectation of customer. We only utilise the best local sellers and service providers in your area so we can operate fast, flexible and reliable which gives us an upperhand in our field. Moreover when all of the quality services are available through a single window, who wouldn't want ESWEDO in their pockets?

How do ESWEDO ensure quality of Products when it is provided by Third Party?

ESWEDO performs thorough checks on sellers and service providers. Our vetting procedures are standardised that we ensure only quality products & services are delivered to the customer at all times. Our directives will guide them way. Ultimately we all work as one to bring smile to your face. And we can guarantee that you get the best.

How to Book order through ESWEDO?

Booking products and services through ESWEDO is easy. You can book Products & Services through our Application, Downloaded from App Store and Playstore. Or you can book Online through our Website. It is mandatory to keep your mobile number you have registered with us in service for us to contact if required. It is also recommended that you put your location ON for this purpose, so we can easily locate the site to conduct the required service or deliver products.

What should I do if I want to increase the scope of my service after a booking is made?

If you need to change the scope of work or add extra materials/parts to fulfill your request, please discuss the changes and the additional amount required with the ESWEDO Assistant. As our services are perfectly scheduled, we cannot gurantee that any additional job required at site other than that was ordered and communicated with ESWEDO assistant will be continued and be done in the same time slot. Such additional works shall only be done at later stage and ESWEDO reserve the full right to decide on its proceedings.

What if I want to cancel a service order ?

You can cancel the booking through our ESWEDO Assistants who shall contact you after order booking. You will be refunded in full as coupon for the amount you have purchased, if you have done the payment already and if you are able to cancel the order before a ESWEDO assistant schedule your service or Delivery. Cash is not refundable for cancellations after material collection or if the customer decides to cancel the service after a ESWEDO assitant visit at your site for doing the job . Although we are flexible to give you room for exceptional cases and slight modification for date changes if both parties can come in terms with. Also be sure to check if you are eligible for a free modification at a later date scheduled within a month of the order. You are eligible for a free modification after 3 successfull order completion.

What if ESWEDO assistant is not at your home on the prescribed time of service?

On a rare event, if any ESWEDO Assistant does not show or contact you at the prescribed time, Please wait for another 30 mins for him to contact you. If he is still unreachable, Another ESWEDO Assistant will assist you soon.

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