Delivery Policy of ESWEDO is with regards to the seller option. As per our Delivery policy the product or Service can be delivered by seller itself or by Eswedo Delivery assistant or by any carrier as per the choice of Seller or Service provider, so is the free shipping and fast shipping feature. There are no guaranteed delivery period in general but specific to seller and the product. Please refer to Seller delivery policy for more details. Your options will be available at checkout.

Shipping Restrictions

As per our Delivery policy each seller has certain delivery constraints and delivery will only possible within them. Your cart will be empty or cancelled when you change your locations or when you are beyond sellers shipping range.

Delivery of Services

Deliveries of Services are different from Products. The service providers are sole responsible for delivering services on time. Delivery of services can be based on appointment, in which case service provider shall provide you service based on the allowed time slot. The client is also responsible for providing facilities to the service provider as needed for a smooth service. Delivery of service can be delayed and ESWEDO holds no liability for the delay of service provider. In which case, order can be considered cancelled or it can be rescheduled to another time convenient to the End-user.

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